Planepacked, streams new single “The Demon Core”

The second single from the upcoming sophomore album Transactinides, releasing on April, 8th, “The Demon Core” delves in the heavy depths of PLANEPACKED’s sound. Unleashing the monstrous dark, “The Demon Core” combines demonic growls with hard hitting metal instrumentation and melodic electronics.

PLANEPACKED mastermind Jessica Kagan comments:
“The ‘demon core’ was a sphere of subcritical plutonium used in the US nuclear program that killed two reckless physicists before it was scrapped. Much like an out of control nuclear reactor, we can also melt down, and in doing so, push the people around us closer to their breaking point. I figure the lesson might stick in your brain for longer if delivered in the form of a mathy prog metal song.”

Listen to “The Demon Core” here: https://www.nocleansinging.com/2022/03/17/an-ncs-premiere-planepacked-the-demon-core

PLANEPACKED draws musical influences from the likes of AUTECHRE, IGORRR, DEVIN TOWNSEND, and SUSUMU HIRASAWA, and is also inspired in various ways by Jessica’s urban fantasy fiction series, Endian Project. PLANEPACKED opens the threshold to a universe of soundscapes, melodies and explorations of the human existence.

Pre-order Transactinides here: https://planepacked.bandcamp.com/album/transactinides

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