Rebel’s End Belgian sleazy hardrock band release the second album “Sing To The Devil New”

The new and second full-length album from Belgian sleazy hardrock band Rebel’s End, “Sing To The Devil”, has released, through Pure Steel Records.

An Antwerp (Belgium) based high-energy, sleazy hardrock band with a fusion of modern punk and metal. Formed in 2016 and continuously playing on their music today.
With the release of the debut album ‘Seeing Red, Seeing Dead’, early in 2017, Rebel’s End released a colossal force of sleazy hardrock that compels both sides of the brain.
Rebel’s End has Jeff (vocals, guitar), Dol (drums, backings), Stijn (bass, backings) and Rutger (guitar, backings) who form a rock-solid formation that’ll rock you red hot and leave you aching for more.
Right at the start of the year 2020 they recorded their second full album called ‘Sing To The Devil’. Ever since the ongoing pandemic, Rebel’s End is more than ready to hit the stage again to finally bring their new songs to the public. Meanwhile things are starting to change as of now, Rebel’s End recently signed a worldwide record deal with Pure Steel Records.
This household name in the world of heavy music will be releasing the new Rebel’s End record, ‘Sing To The Devil’ !

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