Robot Vice present us the animated adventures of “Rayo” in his debut video clip

A few weeks ago, the video clip “Rayo” was released on the YouTube and Vimeo platforms. Costa Rican animated production of almost 4 minutes. The animation is in 2D, 3D and much of the content was done by hand. The creative idea, locations, characters and story come from the Robot Vice band itself and the technical part was in charge of the animation studio Pixel Caníbal.
This production is inspired by Evangelion, Gundam and The Knights of the Zodiac, they tell us the story of the character Lightning. Coming from another dimension, he arrives on our planet, but in a futuristic and apocalyptic era. The protagonist arrives in his interdimensional ship to fight against the darkness that stalks Earth.
Making use of their robot and connecting with their friends from Robot Vice, they star in a fierce battle against the Reptile, who is the villain of the story. With a tough encounter and thinking about the worst scenario for the planet; the protagonists join forces in a spiritual and esoteric connection to combat evil. Lightning uses his great strength and courage with his mecha and Robot Vice, who possess the sound of the universe, form this great musical power to put an end to the reptilian nightmare.

The video creation process began in October 2020 and ended in September 2021. In addition to this tribute to anime, there are elements inspired by Star Trek, Blade Runner and the illusions of being heroes. One of the most important elements is Lightning, inspired by a corgi dog that exists and is the pet of Leo, a member of Robot Vice.
Rayo’s video clip aims to immortalize the love they have for those little beings that accompany us. In a fun and exaggerated way, Robot Vice wants to create a high-quality work to illustrate their music and all the feelings they have. Robot Vice wants to leave a valuable and powerful legacy in his musical career.
The group is made up of Leonardo Jiménez (Guitar and Synthesizer) and Oscar Marques (Drums). We invite you to listen to his music and don’t miss any details of his future work on his social networks.

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