Rylos releases a heart-melting single Icebreaker featuring Piritta Lumous

Finnish rock band Rylos releases a new single Icebreaker. PirittaLumous, the singer of Manzana, is a guest vocalist on the song. Icebreaker is a fictional story about a cold businessman who enters the “lion’s den” as a boss and comes across a heart-melting icebreaker.

We were part of the Road to Neon Waylay Tour where Manzana was part of. Musically, we are close to each other’s music, so it was natural to ask Piritta Lumous to join the song. The song is perfect now and storyline came alive” says Singer MikkoHeino.

Rylos has been playing energetic and melodic rock music since 2013. The band with a carrot mascot has released 4 albums, 5 singles, video game and toured Finland building their own empire. Rylos is known as a really good live band that always gives 200% on stage.

Listen to the single on music services: https://push.fm/fl/rylos-icebreaker


Mikko Heino – Vocals

Jussi Uutela – Guitar

Riina Suikkanen – Bass

Jere Anttonen – Drums


Piritta Lumous – Vocals

Harri Halonen – Keyboards

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