SickWalt, summons the Gods and ignites divine energy with The Rock Anthem “Oh Weh Ha”

The dynamic NYC rock n’ roll artist SickWalt raises the spirits with his celebratory mantra “Oh Weh Ha” on all major streaming platforms here: https://onerpm.link/196003609621 This is the first single to be released for the forthcoming EP called MAXXED, released by 558 Records, and dropping on March 27th with the album release party at The Bowery Electric. The phrase “Oh Weh Ha” was created by SickWalt as being its own type of spiritual language, being a mantra of gratitude and celebration.

“I created the phrase to represent a positive rock n roll spirit. Well-wishing greatness to someone for the creation or an achievement. A ‘break a leg’ if you will. I’m a spiritual person that encompasses all of the major beliefs into my own. No one religion or spirituality is better than the other, or more correct about its interpretation. They are what you make of them in your own personal journey. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. One line of text can mean something completely different to another observer and change that person’s life in a completely different way. Hopefully, both are for the better. So, I just invented my own phrase that will express my feelings for the musical spirit within my soul that keeps me dancing and singing and celebrating life!” – Sick Walt

The MAXXED EP was produced during the pandemic of 2020 while sitting listening to some early SickWalt material.

“My co-creator of the band and dear friend Max Capshaw (Sick of it All, Murphy’s Law, H20) wrote such great music AND played ALL of the instruments in these particular songs. So impressive. He has since moved on from the band, but I wanted to honor his creation with me, and thank him by shining a proper light on his talents, so I went and re-produced the songs with the Australian Producer Andy Baldwin. I chose five songs and sent them over to Andy in Los Angeles. Remotely, via Zoom, we re-recorded the vocals in a Brooklyn apartment, and Andy mixed and mastered the new versions from California, and I think we really brought Max’s work closer to the forefront of the songs.”

I’m so grateful to my friend Max Capshaw for creating SickWalt with me. Having faith in me, and pushing me to be a better writer, singer, and person. And teaching me all about making great music when I was still singing in the shower. Thank you, my brother. “Oh Weh Ha!” –
Sick Walt

In 2014, Walt Novak joined Max Capshaw on stage at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City for a yearly benefit Rock n Roll show. They performed four songs together that sent the crowd into a tailspin, and it was decided that this project must continue and that night SickWalt was born. Since then, SickWalt has opened for legends such as The Dickies, Agent Orange, D.O.A., Handsome Dick and the Dictators, and Heartbreaker Walter Lure and The Waldo’s all over the major clubs of NYC such as St Vitus, The Bowery Electric, and The Mercury Lounge.
SickWalt is an unapologetic, positive high-energy, in your face, rock ‘n’ roll band from Astoria, Queens, New York City.

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