Stortregn, announce 5th Album, “Impermanence”

Recent The Artisan Era signees Stortregn are proud to announce the upcoming release of their fifth full-length, Impermanence. Set for release on March 12th via The Artisan Era. Famed Italian painter Paolo Girardi (Power Trip, Artificial Brain, Chthe’ilist) lends his masterful touch to the fantastic artwork adorning Impermanence. Recorded, mixing and mastering were handled at Conatus Studio, Switzerland by Vladimir Cochet (Mirrorthrone, Weeping Birth).

Active since 2006, the Geneva-Switzerland-based act has released four albums and an EP to date which has garnered them worldwide praise from music writers and extreme metal fans alike. Their most recent prior album, 2018’s Emptiness Fills the Void, boosted the band’s status and fanbase to new levels, leaving it up to them to work their asses off in order to drop something in the future that could top it. Now the time has come for the group to take their next leap forward, a sentiment Impermanence embodies and embraces with unorthodox yet graceful conviction from start to finish.

Impermanence is not just another release meant to keep the gears churning, this is the result of a project that advances and expands what they’re capable of every time they drop something new. Impermanence draws inspiration from a mix of a large array of influences including progressive tech-death to 90’s Swedish black metal, old-school heavy metal, and jazz in order to craft a unique style of melodic black metal intertwined with a variety of death metal influences. Stortregn – Impermanence is highly recommended for fans of bands such as Obscura, Opeth, Inferi, Dissection.

Stortregn comments on the release of Impermanence
“With a downpour of eight cosmic tracks, crafted with stellar riffs, thundering blast beats, and violence, we are ready to unleash our 5th studio album “Impermanence” onto the world! We’ve put our souls into this craft, exploring a wide range of musical influences and themes, all interconnected to create a paradigm of epicness. With this album, we managed to merge the contemporary tech-death sound and ideas with our older influences. “Impermanence” isn’t just a new studio album: it’s a face-melting sonic eruption! The storm is coming, you have been warned…”

*Stay tuned for an early album teaser video, pre-orders, and early singles in the coming weeks and months!
Stortregn – Impermanence Tracklist

  1. Ghosts of the Past
  2. Moon, Sun, Stars
  3. Cosmos Eater
  4. Impermanence
  5. Grand Nexion Abyss
  6. Multilayered Chaos
  7. Timeless Splendor
  8. Nénie

Stortregn – Impermanence Line-Up
Romain Negro – Vocals
Johan Smith – Guitars / Classical Guitar
Duran Bathija – Guitars
Manuel Barrios – Bass
Samuel Jakubec – Drums

*Guest musicians
-André Merlin collaborated on the writing of “Cosmos Eater” + a guest solo
-Alessia Mercado guest vocal spot on “Ghosts of the Past”

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