Swiss progressive post-metal collective Nevborn unveiled new track “Nemea”

About 5 years after the release of the EP Daídalos’, Swiss progressive post-metal collective Nevborn presents its most ambitious project to date. With a first album (‘Five Horizons’ 2015) and then the EP, the band is currently putting the finishing touches to a discographic trilogy called Alkaios’ as result of 6 years of hard work.
More than just classic records, it’s a complete project gathering many artists from different backgrounds. It is composed of twelve musical pieces of about fifteen minutes each for a total of three hours spread over three double LPs.3 albums which will be released on double vinyl in a period of 4 years, accompanied by exclusive illustrations completing the artistic approach of the project. These atypical and varied pieces were composed in the manner of a film score, rarely repeating themselves and with unconventional structures, they unfold a story along the furrows of an entire side of the disc. Like chapters in a short story, each piece contains different themes and behaves like several songs rolled into one. In the meantime, Nevborn just unveiled a first glimpse from the trilogy with a 18 minute-track called “NEMEA” and available right now on Bandcamp
 Stream the song “NEMEA” on Bandcamp  
NevBorn is a progressive metal band (Circa survive, The Ocean, Tesseract, Agent Fresco, …) from Western Switzerland. Although inspired by many different sources, their songs stand out because of their narrative side in the way of a movie soundtrack.Their debut full-length album ‘Five Horizons’ released in 2015 after a few demos was warmly received by the critics and pushed them to go further in their creative process.In 2017, Nevborn tested their audience by releasing ‘Daídalos’ a one-song EP of almost 20 minutes. Despite the fear that a piece of such length would not pass, the critics were on the band’ side.Thus, ‘Daídalos’ marked a turning point in the history of the band and their way of composing focused on the idea of offering their pieces not as pieces of music, but as a compilation of different chapters of a long story.Five years later, band presents the first excerpts of an ambitious trilogy of albums called ‘Alkaios’ with “NEMEA”.

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