TDW releases “The Path of Yuki Onna” single

Like releasing two albums in one year is not enough hard work, TDW comes back with the first single of 2022 showcasing a new side to his progressive metal sound with the song ‘The Path of Yuki Onna’. A unique fusion of the known TDW elements with Japanese folklore in both lyrics & music. The song features the sounds of the Koto (A 16th century classical 13-stringed instrument) and the Shakuhachi (A 16th century bamboo flute) and telling a story about the mythical snow princess Yuki-Onna who freezes the poor souls that get lost in snowstorms in the Japanese mountains.

When asked about why a Dutch songwriter would write such a specific song, Tom had the following to say:

“For me, this is an experiment that I wanted to dive into. I love Japanese culture, history, myths, snow and trying new things linguistically and musically. So even if nobody likes this song I will still consider it a successful endeavor, because I could combine all these things in one go! I also consider this a way to see if people dig this or not, as I have been playing around with the idea of making an album based on myths from all around the world and combining different types of music and languages with my own writing style.”

Complimenting this song is the artwork by Charlene from Wardhaus artwork who took the inspiration for the song and turned that into a detailed painting seen on the cover & visualizer video, creating an artistic mashup with an identity of it’s own. Many things can be said about the musical journey of TDW’s main creator Tom de Wit, but one thing is for sure: It’s always a surprise to see what comes up next.

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