“The Mother Code”, Silversnake Michelle’s fourth album

Three albums to her credit, where there is no shortage of celebrated collaborations, a career born on stage and a musical path started as a soprano, passing through ethnomusicology and landed to the songs of whom she has always been author and performer. Now the versatile Silversnake Michelle comes to the release of her fourth work “The Mother Code”, out on April 21, 2020 for the Italian label Areasonica Records.
Nine tracks for an album that only in its surface has a more easy-going style than the previous ones, and a rock matrix with a lot of blues and rap influences, and experimentations. An album on which Silversnake enjoys games with metaphors and symbolisms in her very cryptic lyrics, touching once again thorny and personal themes.
The release of “The Mother Code” is followed by the airplay of the first single: “Plastic”. A song in which Silversnake casts a strong criticism to the world of talent shows, through his hard and resolute “NO!” given to some pushy invitations to be part of it.

A versatile artist, Micaela Battista – aka Silversnake Michelle – she began her acting career, studying at the Teatro Nuovo in Turin with Renato Liprandi first, and then at the Tangram Theatre under the direction of Ivana Ferri and Bruno Maria Ferraro. Then she takes part in many theatre performances, engaging in both dramatic (e.g. Lady Macbeth) and light comedy roles.
2011 is the year of the musical breakthrough: Micaela takes choral training as a soprano at the Civic Choir School of Milan and in the same year she attends classes in Ethnomusicology at the Musicology’s department at the University of Milan. A few years later she began a musical quest, strongly connected to her personal background and leading to the birth of Silversnake Michelle and her songs, of whom the artist is both author and performer.
With the support of Dario Arena (guitar) and Daniele Marchetti (keyboards and guitar), who contribute to the arrangements of the songs, in 2014 the first album “So in my mind” is released; a nine-track concept album with the presence of Paola Caridi on drums (Fedez, Fabrizio Moro, Laura Bono, Massimo Ranieri).
Also in 2014, Silversnake Michelle takes part in the US TV show Live From Center Stage, where she performs together with the likes of Greg Baker (drummer of Village People and Sister Sledge) and bass player Charles Berthoud.
In 2015 she starts working on the production of the second album “Her Snakeness”, which sees the contribution of Marcello De Toffoli (Umberto Tozzi’s keyboard player) to mixing and arrangements. A work, then released in 2016, in which the artist engages with sounds having a distinctly progressive rock flavor.
In the meantime, she began her partnership with the Italian music magazine “Micsugliando”, where Micaela writes her column “Under My Pencil”, as from the title of a song in his debut album “So in My Mind”.
Then it’s the turn of the third work “…Buries The Secret Of…”, an EP with 3 tracks only, released in 2017, and representing a kind of conceptual closing of the previous album.
The fourth work by Silversnake Michelle, titled “The Mother Code”, is released in April 2020 by Bolognese label Areasonica Records.


  1. The Empty Fullness
  2. Plastic
  3. Blue Glue
  4. Irreversible And Massive Necrosis
  5. Eukaryoter
  6. 32 December
  7. ItAlien
  8. Just A Name
  9. Silversnake

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