Toronto power trio ON presents “Underdog” single

As Toronto garage-grunge rock trio ON gear up for a run of Ontario tour dates, starting on August 12, they’ve shared the stunning single‘Underdog’, along with a live video especially to help you feel the music for yourself. This song is about hope, love, angst and dreams – about the temptation to get back in the ring once more when the world no longer makes any sense and you have nothing to lose.

All three members of ON are veterans of ’90s-2000s alternative rock bands, formerly rocking out with their respective bands ACID TEST, DANKO JONES and ROCKET SCIENCE. As the second single from their forthcoming ‘ON’ album won’t be released for another few weeks, we are including an additional MP3 in the press kit for the song ‘Soul Killer’, which is on the heavier end of the band’s genre-spectrum. 

This new album is loaded with guitar-driven grunge / garage rock, exploring personal themes of the band members’ perseverance in a gradually decaying society and ruminations on their growth as musicians and as people. Guitarist STEVE FALL says it is “a document of friendship navigating explores in pain and hope, looking at the world with a collaborative effort to document what we see, witness, and feel through songwriting and chemistry as a band.”

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