ALPHA BOÖTIS release new single “Serpens Nebula”

Science fiction fueled band ALPHA BOÖTIS have released their single “Serpens Nebula” over at Next Mosh. The song is from the band’s upcoming release Jump to Alpha Bootis which is out on September 24th.

The band commented “Originally written for a horror-themed composition contest around Halloween 2017, Serpens Nebula is our spookiest and darkest song to date. To achieve this dark sound, we channeled DOOM, John Carpenter and Pokemon Red/Green’s Lavender Town theme in our sound design and composition. I took the opportunity to include baritone guitar, tuned to G, to make the riffs extra gnarly. Of course, it’s still an Alpha Boötis song, so there are still disco beats and optimistic melodies sprinkled here and there.”

Listen: https://nextmosh.com/alpha-bootis-serpens-nebula/

Pre-order: https://alphabootisband.bandcamp.com/album/jump-to-alpha-bo-tis

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