Industrial punk newcomer GLDN is back with more new music! The new, NSFW single “Hole” follows the release of their debut EP, First Blood and remix album Hemophilia. “Hole” descends further into the murky shadows and twisted imagination of GLDN mastermind, Nicholas Golden.

Golden comments: ““HOLE is a song about despair. It’s an exploration of how it feels to be at your lowest and know that there’s no way out. Once you’re in that darkness long enough, it can become almost comforting. You start to see the beauty in the pain. And in the end, there’s a sort of acceptance that you will never be the person you were again. In that acceptance, there is freedom to be someone new.”

Stream the new single here:

In 2017, GLDN was founded in Brooklyn, New York, by mastermind Nicholas Golden. For two years, Golden expanded on his experience as a performer, perfecting his art. In 2019, he began to search for live members to bring his music to the stage. GLDN draws musical and thematic influences from bands like NINE INCH NAILS, KORN, EVANESCENCE, DEFTONES, ROB ZOMBIE, PANTERA, HOLE, and PUSCIFER, but also films such as the dark and legendary, Suspiria. Delving deeper into the self-affirming gloom, conjuring up the macabre and the diabolic, GLDN exposes the monstrous concepts that are so often hidden from view. GLDNexhibits the extreme aspects of life and death, through extreme manipulation of music.