Catching the wave with “Tsunami” Owls & Aliens Latest

Owls & Aliens music is a sound that is all its own brand. A fresh mixture that brings Alternative Metal, Post Grunge, and a raw deep rock that sells. “Tsunami” is their latest release and celebrates everything this band has been through together as friends and brothers in music. Working closely with MVK Music Group, Owls & Aliens (O&A) has released their singles “Mercy”, “You Can’t Save Everyone”, and now “Tsunami”.
“Tsunami” is a powerful wave of their innermost substance that drives the perseverance and staying power O&A has formed. The band plans on releasing their self-titled debut album by mid-2022 and tour plans are in the works for later this year.

‘”Tsunami” has an optimistic and uplifting feel as it’s about making the conscious choice to get back up when life kicks you down. It’s about perseverance and hope. We believe in each other and we are incredibly proud of this song, as it reflects the friendship and the loyalty that has developed through Owls & Aliens. The only time you should look down on someone is to help them up.” – OWLS & ALIENS

Prepare for abduction, the Owls & Aliens invasion has begun.

O&A brings the hot sauce to rock ‘n roll, taking inspiration from the genre’s most quintessential styles. When the music of Owls & Aliens hits the listener’s earholes, layers of classic rock, heavy metal, punk rock, alternative rock, post-hardcore, and everything in between come crashing together, creating a beautiful amalgamation of sounds. The brotherhood formed between the five members is caused by each of their unfettered needs to play, write and listen to music – despite coming from quite different backgrounds.

The band emerged from the depths of Southern Oregon in a small, scenic town called Klamath Falls at the beginning of 2019. After a year of writing songs and hosting local shows in their own garage, Owls & Aliens undeterred persistence to unveil their music to the world drove the band to record their debut album amidst a pandemic. Along with their new song, Tsunami, O&A has unleashed two other singles Mercy and You Can’t Save Everyone thus far, with the rest of the album set to be revealed later this year.”

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