Closet Disco Queen shared new live song “Black Sorbet”

A few days after sharing the live video of “Délicieux”, Indie/Krautrock/Stoner/Rock side-project of Luc & Jona from Swiss Hardcore/Noise/Punk/Metal quartet COILGUNS, Closet Disco Queen duo just unveiled another excerpt from its upcoming effort with the song “Black Sorbet” (recorded live @ Krasnodar, Russia) available right now on Bandcamp.

Like the previous one, this new track will featured on a live compilation album called ‘Drink The Minibar – Live Recordings’ and coming out on LP & Digital on 10th July through their own imprint Hummus Records.

“If you’re bringing in a completely fresh pair of ears to Closet Disco Queen‘s warm-vibed rattle, it might be in your interest to know that the gentlemen are also part of Coilguns, an equally Swiss band also known to run their own label Hummus Records, and some dozens worth of other bands on the side.

While their parent band is far more methodical and partly even calculated in terms of sound and writing, Closet Disco Queen is a fresh take on genres treading on becoming stale, making up a precarious experience highly gripping in tone, and chameleonic by form.

So, waste no time in taking a further look to their output through their Bandcamp, check out the label’s site for the Drink the Minibar – Live Recordings pre-orders, and be sure to follow the blokes on Facebook as well.”

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