Cult Of Dom Keller share new single/video “Lyssa”

British psych-rock heavyweights Cult of Dom Keller are today sharing a new single and video titled ‘Lyssa’ – the second to be released from their forthcoming fifth album ‘They Carried The Dead In A U.F.O’, due out May 21st on Fuzz Club Records. Constantly evolving, since 2007 the band have been leaving a trail of sonic fever dreams, dark psychedelia and experimentalism that beats with a heavy industrial heart. Arriving following the recent single ‘Last King of Hell’, you can stream the latest taste of the new LP, ‘Lyssa’, and its accompanying video.

The inbound ‘They Carried The Dead In The U.F.O’ LP contains some of Cult of Dom Keller’s heaviest work to date and new single ‘Lyssa’ is perhaps the perfect case in point. Taking its name from the Greek goddess of rage, the track is an outpouring of discordant, industrial noise-rock that’s centred around dissonant guitars, explosive walls of sound and unsettling electronics: “With ‘Lyssa’ we wanted to make a track that channelled that discontent currently being felt across the world. It’s about dissonance, anger and how misdirection and misinformation is used to control and weaponise people against their own interests.”

Detailing the ‘They Carried The Dead In A U.F.O’ LP, they continue: “We managed to create our most experimental and exciting album to date without being in the same room together. U.F.O. was recorded, mixed and produced by ourselves, meaning we had total control over every noise on the record. This was the exact record we wanted to make: Experimental and playful; moments of light and pure dark… we wanted to f*ck with the listener and pull them in with moments of beauty and chaos. We hope you enjoy the trip!”

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