“Electromancy” has released their new track “The Spark”

“ELECTROMANCY” has released their new track “The Spark” (Featuring Toefood) via Next Mosh. The song is from their upcoming release “Robot Black Metal” which will be released on April 30th.

About Electromancy:

Composed by human, played by physical robots. In 2018 Satyra was diagnosed with Lyme disease, and quickly became too disable to play instruments anymore. Instead of giving up, they spent the next two years slowly building robots to play instruments for them. The result is Electromancy, the robot metal band. Guitars and drums are played by Satyra’s own DIY robotic designs; their bandmates are manikins, cut up into LED fueled lightshows.
Electromancy’s music is primarily black metal with bits of death metal and experimentalism. The robots aren’t a gimmick, they are core to the sound, allowing textures, patterns, and compositions that are not natural to and sometimes not possible for a human musician. Some of these compositional eccentricities include phasing multiple rhythmic melodies on a single instrument and simply extremely fast and chaotic composition. In addition to the robots, Satyra fills the bass frequencies with a drone horn made from a modified PVC pipe (the resulting instrument is similar to but not quite the same as a didgeridoo). This full, enveloping bass sound creates a grounded floor for the otherwise chaotic music.
Electromancy’s lyrical themes largely revolve around Satyra’s struggle with physical disability, the uncertainty of their lifespan with chronic illness, and the spiritual experiences brought on from facing human fragility & mortality so directly (often with surprisingly uplifting conclusions). These musical themes paired with the robotic instrumentation and the story of why this all came to be creates a profoundly raw and unique experience.

Listen here: https://nextmosh.com/electromancy-the-spark/

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