Die! – “Manche bluten ewig” – [Black Bards Entertainment]

This is probably goth-rock; it has hard rock guitar riffs accompanied with suitable bass lines and a gloomy, dark atmosphere through the vocals and keyboards- most of this album fits this definition well, making “die” a classic case in the German music scene.

The title track (meaning something like: “Some bleed eternally”) has a slight change featuring a more interesting bass line; this song is a ballad which is closer to soft rock.
A stronger front is “Fleisch” (meaning: Flesh/Meat) with a heavier leading guitar riff out of Georg Platen’s hands as well as some creepy vocals and completing keyboard/production work.

“Geh mit mir”(meaning: Go with me) and “Leben” (meaning: Life) are highlights which might earn their way into club and playlists due to a catchier chorus in both.

I find it hard to connect to this album from several reasons, the first being it’s all in German (a language I don’t speak and obviously don’t understand); this is also a problem because it reminds me of Yiddish (take the 9th track, “S.O.S.”, for example) and Yiddish isn’t exactly what I think of concerning rock or metal.
Another thing that’s missing here is a bit more force; it’s just too gentle for this type of music, I expected sharper guitar and bombastic bass- and got castrated ones instead.

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