Finnish metal band Progeny of Sun released a new “Dark Wanderer” Ep along with music video “Eclipse”

Finnish extreme metal band Progeny Of Sun released their new EP Dark Wanderer via Inverse Records. To celebrate the release the band also released a music video for Eclipse track.

The band comments:
“We think this is a huge improvement from the first EP. The sounds and texts have gotten increasingly dark and gained a pressuring twist. All in all, the material feels more unified this time around even though we have more people behind it. Vocals are bit more straightforward compared to the first EP, still with a lot of variance, but with more taste.

This EP summarizes well the direction we want to take our music, and the next album will be killer.

The video is also an absolute cracker especially considering it’s fully our own making. Joni did absolutely amazing job getting it done. We think the video also summarizes our energy and enthusiasm precisely. The video shoot was easy, we just played the song as we would with an audience. We had only one small setback when the person who was supposed to shoot the video got quarantined because of coronavirus. Fortunately, Joni was able to step up and with little additional help from our “manager” we handled the situation well.”

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