Finnish progressive metal band External have released their new single ”Feet Don’t Fail”

Finnish progressive metal collective External have released their new single ”Feet Don’t Fail”, which is the third song taken from the upcoming EP ”Stillness”.

The three singles are the first releases from External in 2020 and come after the 2019 single ”Distant” (mixed by Asger Mygind of VOLA), released in last December. The new single is mixed and mastered by Samu Oittinen, who has previously worked with the likes of Insomnium, Sonata Arctica and Korpiklaani.

Bassist and composer Samuel Järvinen tells:

”Feet Don’t Fail was born mostly during one writing session. I felt inspired to compose and write about the remarkable fact that even during the darkest of times a person can have hope and find comfort in something bigger than themselves, whether it’s god, nature or love. It’s amost like a Nordic gospel song in a way. Musically I took the main inspiration from Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds and Icelandic musician Arnór Dan and mixed in some low-tuned metal.”

Aleksi Haukkaluoma – vocals, guitar
Julius Lehtonen – drums
Samuel Järvinen – bass guitar, programming
Roger Lundberg – guitar

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