Finnish stoner rock band Alkemia released their debut single “Unida”

Finnish Helsinki-based stoner rock band Alkemia released their first single Unida which also includes B-side named Kääntöpuoli. The single is released in cooperation with Inverse Records on October 19th 2021.

“Unida is one of the first songs that we worked on as a group. The feeling of the song is quite hazy and raw with a straightforward in your face attitude. Song draws inspiration from the ups and downs of addictions, relationships and life in general. Can’t have light without the shadow. Erno Kangasluoma, band’s singer/guitarist and lyricist sums up.”

Track list:

  1. Unida
  2. Kääntöpuoli

Single cover picture by Iiro Hannula. Cover made by Jussi Aaltonen


Erno Kangasluoma – Vocals & guitar
Jarno Patronen – Guitar
Jukka Aaltonen – Drums
Iiro Hannula – Bass

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