Gnosis reveals new album details

Florida, once the capital of American death metal. The Sunshine State, so important for heavy sounds. Since 2013, it has been covered by the shadow of Gnosis, a band that does not directly refer to the old gods of the American scene and their death metal heritage. For Gnosis, who has released two albums, the inspirations are divided between the European pantheon and the one closer to them, the American one. And although the name itself may not tell you much, because it is a band existing in deep underground, we are sure that the next album will change that. We proudly present ‘Omens from the Dead Realm’, the third and extremely matured album, steeped in the spirit of the Greek black metal heritage, that connects two worlds. The premiere is set for the 14th of July. The album will be available on CD and Digital formats. Vinyl and cassette versions will be released by Nuclear War Now! Productions.

Gnosis connects the worlds of black and death metal. Without a doubt. What is important, the black part refers to Greece. To the good, old, classic Greece we all love. And it’s not just the presence of Stefan Necroabyssious and Wampyrion that decides it, though of course they add that Hellenic flavor. Gnosis just knows perfectly well, how to frame that flavor into heavier and more powerful sounds that can be associated with ancient Florida masters. The truth is, however, that Gnosis are the masters of themselves, because you will not find such a successful combination of Greek classics with American heaviness anywhere!

Album was recorded at Belzeth Studios, by Diego Angee. Mixed at The Shack North Studio Hialeah, Fl. by Fernando ‘Ferny’ Coipel. Guest vocals on ‘The Eleventh Step, The Gate Unknown’ by Necroabyssious (Varathron, Katavasia), recorded at Suncord Audiolab. Guest vocals on ‘Omens from the Dead Realm’ by Wampyrion (Funeral Storm, Disharmony), recorded at Raven Studios.

Logo by Morbid Art. Artwork by Vika at Imago Mortis. Layout by Pawel Ozon at XXV The Sign.


  1. Conjuration of the Nemesis
  2. Typhlotic Visions
  3. Excite the Tempest
  4. Apzu, Sea of Death
  5. Transcendence Pt. II
  6. The Eleventh Step, The Gate Unknown
  7. Omens from the Dead Realm
  8. Awakening the Third Eye
  9. Watcher of a Faceless Abyss

R.P. – Bass, Vocals, Synths
D.A. – Guitars
C.V. – Drums

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