The Issue release the official music video for “Paradox”

Minneapolis, MN rock powerhouse THE ISSUE has revealed the official music video for their new single, “Paradox.” Directed and produced by BRAD MATALA, “Paradox” is the fourth single off of their recently released EP, Wasted Life.Featuring crisp percussion, soaring vocals and harmonies, and driving guitars, Wasted Life goes hard and ensures that the Minnesota quartet will be at the top of 2022 short list of up and coming rockers!
“‘Wasted Life’ wrestles with the age-old, internal conflict that is; the life you’re living vs the life you want to live.” – THE ISSUE
3000 by 3000 px album cover-01 2
Track List:
1. Break You
2. What You Need
3. Fallin’ (Hate Me)
4. You
5. Paradox

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