Alpha Bootis – “Science Fiction-Double Feature” [Self Release]

Science fiction fuelled band ALPHA BOOTIS will release Science Fiction-Double Feature on CD December 10th 2021. The album contains both of their EP’s Jump to Alpha Bootis and Stowaway Ants plus an extra bonus song.

The band comments:

“Our music is inspired by countless science-fiction stories, but also by musical theater and rock operas. Needless to say that the Rocky Horror Picture Show, being all three of these things, holds a special place in our hearts.
So when came the time to unite Jump to Alpha Bootis and Stowaway Ants on a single CD, we had this idea of calling it Science Fiction Double Feature, as a nod to Rocky Horror. Then, we figured, why not cover the iconic opening number, and add our own power metal spin to it!”

Story: Jump to Alpha Boötis
In the 25th century, the crew of the USS NEON, headed by Cpt. Nalanie Kuhlmann, leaves the solar system in search of a new home planet for humankind. A malfunction in the warp drive propels our explorers 20,000 years into the future. There they find a bustling Ecumenopolis, where they are met by the Black Comets. Sent on a dangerous mission and pursued by the killer robots of the evil Dr. Goldstein, our adventurers make their way across time and space. Will they escape Serpens Nebula with their lives? What mysteries lie within the Belt of Orion? Find out in Jump to Alpha Boötis.

Story: Stowaway Ants
A colony of daring ants hides inside a human rocket and sets forth to conquer the barren lands of Alkalurops. Will they beat humanity to the punch and become the first species to step foot across multiple constellations?


01 Jump to Alpha Boötis
02 Ecumenopolis
03 Wormhole Gas Bar
04 Serpens Nebula
05 Circling the Belt of Orion (feat. Alattia)
06 Another World (Gojira cover)
07 Science Fiction Double Feature
08 Stowaway Ants
09 Plasmic Wastes of Alkalurops
10 Every Breath You Take

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