Giancarlo Gabbanella, “Extraction”, a tribute to the Guitar

As a child, at the age of 6, Giancarlo Gabbanella, began playing small musical instruments until he had an approach to the first guitar given by his parents. He started in 1984 Studying as
Autodidact and private music lessons. Professionally he has worked with emerging groups of Pop, Rock and Progressive music. He has recorded CDs and Discography with emerging Rock Bands, both in Pop and Rock, as Arranger, Composer and Author at an international level. Long experience LIVE and Studio shifts. He has played in RAI for a television program and with artists on tour. He attended a jazz school. He currently performs Didactic Lessons, Rock genre, in some Music Schools, He has produced Record material of Instrumental Music, Concept Disc and Songwriting. It is currently Out with a New Instrumental Record Product, Written, Arranged and Composed by the Artist himself.

Musicwebzine – Hi Giancarlo tell us something about you as musician !
Giancarlo –
HI. My name is Giancarlo Gabbanella, professional guitarist.
I started playing the guitar at a very young age, around the age of 6.
I have had many musical experiences over the years and with many bands of various musical genres. I attended schools and private lessons but mainly as an amateur. I currently collaborate with various schools on Modern Guitar teaching.

Musicwebzine – Tell us about your latest release
Giancarlo –
The latest record release of my product was born with the collaboration of some musicians with whom I have collaborated over the years. Having written material for a long time, I was able to extract a good part of it and make this album of mine.

Musicwebzine – What’s your favorite song and why ?
Giancarlo –
My favorite song is the Journey, perhaps because it is one of the melodic and driving songs of the album but there is also Isolated Life, a song written and recorded during the pandemic.

Musicwebzine – Which bands influenced your style ?
Giancarlo –
My style has been characterized by bands such as Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Dream Theater, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.

Musicwebzine – How many styles we can listen in your music ?
Giancarlo –
You can hear a bit of styles, let’s say from Traditional Rock to Metal to Prog, and some hints of the Fusion genre.

Musicwebzine – What about the cover ?
Giancarlo –
The cover represents the extraction of a guitar from underground. It is a Tribute to the Guitar that is the subject of exploration.

Musicwebzine – Are you thinking of release a video ?
Giancarlo –
In reality I’m trying to make a video on the song Isolated Life, I’m studying how to make it and in what location.

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