Hanibal Death Machine – “A Bout De Souffle” (Self Release)

Hanibal Death Machine is a French band born a few years ago. They have already published something before this recently formed, which however “A Bout De Souffle”, anticipated by the single and official video clip entitled “I Have a Dream”, published in an ep of six locomotives for the six songs present in this ep of long duration.
To describe the sound of this formation one must try to cover the concept of metal and rock in alternative areas, or in that “limbo” of bands that respond to the name of Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, Clawfinger and Marilyn Manson. This is because the band has a very personal and particular concept of heavy music, which also feeds on very dark and doom, but which has its own soul in the numerous influences from electronic music, as well as its own push that brings the band to levels of very extensive emotionality.
The band in combining power and melody in the best way, and also playing with the rirìtmi, which change from song to song. Sometimes the band is more thrilling and pounding, instead the atmospheres become more rarefied and reflective, and it is in these situations that the band puts the listener at the service of an excellent feeling, dark and sad. A good ep, on balance, which can strike from different points of view and which has the greatest advantage in presenting a mature band in all respects. We hope that with the end of the health emergency this band can also come to Italy and maybe we will support some big artist, because he deserves it. And we too deserve to see such a band on stage.



  1. L’enfer
  2. En guerre
  3. Pantin d’acier
  4. I have a dream
  5. Le cliquetis
  6. Fer rouge

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