Sun Q – “Myth” [Self Released]

New album, the second to be precise, for the Russians Sun Q. The band, made up of just two guys named Ivan Shalimov and Elena Tiron, who in this album however are accompanied by a rich group of excellent musicians, gives life to a almost cinematic rock.

From the opening “Jane Doe” the band gives the listener a truly beautiful piece, rich in technique, Seventies atmospheres, with various instruments to enrich this sort of very extravagant stoner rock. There are wind instruments, string instruments, percussion, heads… and then there is Elena Tiron’s voice, sensual and beautiful, even when it is performed. This girl alone is able to fascinate the listener and imagine what she can do together with a dozen truly highly qualified musicians. So the band is very flexible. He manages to excite with the sunny atmospheres of the opener “Jane Doe”, but immediately afterwards he manages to explore something darker and more experimental with a song that is pure art like “Children Singing”, which I would have seen very well in the soundtrack of movie “Trainspotting”.

The keyboards in this song, the various effects are brought to sublimation, for a dilated ending that also calls desert rock into question. This discourse continues in a certain sense also in the following “Tree”, “Animals” and “Dionysus”, dark and experimental pieces in the Seventies vein (but this aspect is somewhat present in all the pieces), The band doesn’t seem to have enough in terms of experimentation and also crosses space rock and the purest prog rock in a truly brilliant song like “I Am The Sun”, which however has some wonderful choruses. Everything in this song brings to mind certain things about King Crimson and Pink Floyd, but also about Yes.

Incredible, however, how the band maintains its own identity in all this, and we say it once again, the vocal parts really make the difference! However, you get to the end of the album, because just like the last song there is a gem like “Crystal Doors”, another piece that confirms all the qualities of inventiveness, experimentation, progression, everything.

An incredible album, played very well, produced even better and which we could consider a true masterpiece of progressive stoner rock. But this album also eschews these classifications because it offers literally unique music. A precious and rare pearl!

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