Weg – “90 Degrees” (Inverse Records)

Directly from Helsinki, Finland, the Weg duo publishes a mini-Ep of three songs cataloged between rock music oriented towards a melodic pop well blended with clean and crystalline voices. “90 Degrees” opens the dance a full-bodied track thanks also to the dark voice that gives a whirlwind of positive vibrations. “Grandmother” continues the journey with an almost melancholic, minimal and intense sound track. “90Degrees” closes with the acoustic version of “90Degrees” a more energetic song, but not too much, with a metallic bass line that gives volume to this ending.
A mini EP that does not give much in the emotional phase, and which is simple and linear. The fundamentals are there, perhaps a bit of substance is missing.


  1. 90 Degrees
  2. Grandmother
  3. 90 Degrees -Acoustic



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