Illiryan – “Aegis” [Self Release]

Project founded in 2015 in Calgary (Canada), Illyrian are a concentrate of some bands and musical projects of the local scene. The discographic debut with “Round 2: Fight!” Takes shape from the union of different ideas and musical styles. 2019 then marked the release of Illyrian’s second album, “The Entity, Unknown”. The album solidified the band’s distinctive approach to the metal genre, blending elements of death and thrash metal with technical and melodic composition.

Venturing from their prototypical thrash metal roots while embracing the energy and thrust of the genre, their sound has further evolved into a more focused and precise vision, injecting elements of death metal and less conventional textures like world percussion and traditional folk instruments into the their music.

For their album, “The Entity, Unknown”, Illyrian received the 2020 YYC Music Award for “Metal Recording of the Year”, marking a relatively quiet year. Shortly after, the band begins drafting what will be the new work titled “Aegis”.

The four tracks contained in this album are a river in flood that denote an evident sound maturation made of atmospheres that capture for intensity and power. A listening that leaves no escape for the faint of heart. Guitar walls that merge properly with a technical and well-structured rhythm section to enhance a biting and gritty voice.
There are no moments of pause but everything flows without giving way to catch your breath.
The band demonstrates a good technical and compositional gift by inserting sporadic melodic lines that make the listening dynamic “Fire”. But Illiryan know how to move in this metal environment with an original proposal that puts everyone in agreement on the excellent potential of the Canadian combo.



  1. Ancients
  2. Fire
  3. Chaos
  4. Dark

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