Never End – “The Cold and the Craving” [Brutal Records]

New recording effort for Never End who release their new album entitled “The Cold and the Craving” for Bratual Records. The Never End trio takes shape at the beginning of 2007 offering a sound that ranges from Rock to metal, passing through more stoner grunge atmospheres. Evolution and musical development have always been the pillars of the project.

An impressive sun that strikes at the same time for power and melody, determining a good dynamic throughout the listening that increases the interest and the desire to listen to this beautiful record without effort but rather, involving the listener from the very beginning.
The alternation of melodic structures with more marked riffs denote a certain ability to compose music of high technical depth with a good wealth of ideas that enhance listening more. A proposal that undoubtedly has an excellent sound impact and that without too many compliments gets into your head and overwhelms you like a running train.

Another band that will not struggle to attract further attention with this new record titled “The Cold and the Craving”



  1. Nightmares
  2. Fake It All
  3. Scapegoat
  4. Endless Seasons
  5. Building Shields
  6. The Cold And The Craving
  7. Soul Plague
  8. Faceless
  9. Driven So Far

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