Man, This Belgian band sure doesn’t take things lightly, actually, this, the band’s first full length CD, is the exact opposite of taking things lightly, the band manages to create a sonic attach which is as heavy and doomish as any classic album by the forefathers of modern doom, such as Celtic Frost and Winter, to name but two.

From the opening tones of “Greek Fire”, the first slab of doom on this album, its quite clear where things are going, a sluggish doom riff, a first verse that’s sang in almost a whisper, accompanied by just a bass drone, there’s a lot of early Cathedral in here, but the Celtic Frost, or rather – Hellhammer touches are hard to miss.

“Your Love Is king”, the second track, is anything but love, the vocals take a different turn, somewhat higher, there’s a lot of early Venom going on as well, you can’t help but feel that these guys are doing everything they can to make you feel uncomfortable and depressed, the dissonant use of feedback guitar noise and the smudginess of the drum rhythm all come together in one oppressive mix.

The band doesn’t bore you, and that’s a really nice gesture, though such tracks as “Pressure And Time” take things to an almost Funeral Doom level of heaviness, they turn up the tempo occasionally, which brings a different flavor to the proceedings, the tempo change in “Your Love Is King” is well-timed, keeping you on your toes.

I Hate Records have been signing some quality doom bands these last few years, and I have to admit that These guys are as good as it gets, its definitely a soundtrack for a suicide, but hey, at least you get to go with style.